HP Palm Pre Plus 16GB GSM Smartphone – Unlocked

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Slide the Palm Pre Plus phone in the upward direction to handle calls or access the QWERTY keyboard for texting. Powered by the ARM Cortex A8 processor and webOS 1.3.5 operating system, this Palm QWERTY phone runs all your applications smoothly. Capture or record priceless moments with the 3 MP camera and LED flash of this Palm AT&T phone. Moreover, surf the internet using the WAP 2.0 browser of this Palm QWERTY phone. Use the built-in GPS feature of this Palm AT&T phone to access and use the shortest route to your destination. On a full charge, the standard 1150 mAh Li-Ion battery in the Palm Pre Plus phone, provides up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 350 hours of stand-by time.

Customer Reviews

Good phone for the price ($50), but with big caveats.

By kmeister
For someone considering getting a cheap budget phone for texting and occasional web use, this phone is almost a no brainer. Rather than settling for a feature phone, why not go for a full fledged smartphone for only $20 more?

Can’t beat the price for an unlocked smartphone

By Carlos ochoa
I got this phone as a temporary replacement for my dead iphone, so I already had a number & data plan. that made the intial setup & registration with PALM very easy. Within 5 minutes I was already using the phone & it’s features. The minor drawbacks are the very limited options when it comes to aps, but as long as you have a data plan or wifi, the browser more than makes up for it. I like having the full keyboard, but I miss the ease of typing with the touchscreen. Considering that you can get a “new” unlocked smartphone with wifi, email, internet & a full keyboard for the average price of a prepaid phone (not to mention double the storage of the basic iphone) it’s a great choice. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the description says that it’s “new”, but the previous owner left his pictures on the phone. Other than that, it was in “new” condition.

Great Phone, Doesnt’ Work Well With ATT Unlimited Data Plans

By Adam F. Jewell
I’ve been a big fan of the Palm Pre Plus since it came out. The phone rocks, has an awesome interface and multitasking is phenomenal. I’ve got an old unlimited data plan on ATT and had a Palm Pre Plus (actually two of them) that worked just fine with the ATT unlimited data plan. I took this phone in to have it activated on my current data plan. ATT put in a new SIM chip and after struggling through the profile stuff at the start, it worked just fine.

Makes the whole thing pretty useless.

By Luis Diaz
HP seems to have stopped supporting this system all together. I expected that there would be no new updates since I was only using this as a back up phone but the app store is completely non supported anymore. You can’t even update the apps it comes with and the apps won’t work unless you update them. Makes the whole thing pretty useless.

Good phone for the price

By Twisted
Well priced phone and good built quality.

Phone didn’t work

By L. Jordan
The phone came packaged as if it was brand new from the manufacturer. I plugged it in to charge it and after a few minutes it just shut off. Did not ever move past the first page. Put a fully charged battery in it from another phone and it shut right off again. Sent it back and requested a new one to be sent to me but Amazon was too quick to refund my money so while sitting here waiting for another one to show up I finally read my emails and I have to start the process all over again. Just getting impatient. I needed a new phone a month ago.

Multitasking it is!

By Oleg B
Love it! Can’t tell enough how satisfied I am with the product. Just awesome! Multitasking, pictures quality, 3G internet is blazing fast.. Where available. But its T-Mobile. Of course Verizon was faster, but $125 vs $58 for the plan.. Hmmm.. I pick T-Mobile.. Try for yourself, you won’t regret. Get a touchstone charger to appreciate the phone even more! Enjoy!

Good Phone once you fix the software error

By Amazon Customer
He phone works great know i had it 2 days and the phone would drain the battery in hours. An would over heat when charging it. It was hot i almost couldnt hold it. So i did some searching and found out others had the same problem. I also could not get it to usb mode. It just wouldnt work. So I change some setting think that my email and facebook wore draining the battery. But it didnt matter it was like was on the phone the hole time, So i even removed app and it still was drain in 2 hours. So late last night i when on hp webso and found a webso doctor. it reset the phone and installed OS on my phone. today the battery holding a good charge and when i plug it in to a computer it gives me a chose of charging or usb mode with it didnt do before. it been 3 hours and it still in the 90 percent charged. I got my phone form keerkeerwireless off amazon. but here is the link to webso doctor http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor/sorry.htm;jsessionid=B42C0B9FE9E57BC3EC9CF758F4956F43.MMMM_31

Couldn’t get past set up

By shady
im used to being able to just pop in my sim and go, however this requires you to create a palm account which i was unable to do even after following all the great advice in the customer review section. The phone looked great and felt great in my hand but ultimately i had to return it.

Not able to get passed registration screen

By Karen E. Gardea
**Disclaimer*** This review is to reflect the product, not the seller.

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