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Hello Everyone…My name is Ron Terre

Ron Terre PhotoMany of you know me already, but for those who don’t,    here’s the short story:

I am the last remaining ‘original’ member of a band known as “The Drifters“. I spent over 50 years in show business travelling the world and meeting people. Hopefully I provided them with some pleasure during those times. Since I had plenty of free time (we seldom worked more than a few months a year), I got interested in computers and Internet Marketing, which brings me to these pages.

I am a self-taught computer programmer, Internet Marketer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I have been successfully engaged in these activities for over 25 years. You can see some of my other sites (listed below) when you get time. You should note in your review that most materials, whether physical or informational, are offered free – that is – at no cost. I spend a considerable amount of my time searching-out free items, heavily discounted items and great bargains. My many different websites have been developed to pass on these findings to interested persons like yourself.

In the growing advent of mobile communications these days and due to my need to replace my own cell phone, I was forced to delve into the mobile phone marketplace. The communications gadgets available today are so varied in both provision and price that I felt compelled to set-up this site to pass on information and bargains I have uncovered. Please feel free to add your comments to any information you find here as it is my intent to provide both sides of any story.

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so that any new information will be quickly passed on to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy this website and, as always, remain open to your suggestions for improvement. Additionally, should you need any help or assistance in your endeavours, feel free to email me directly. Or, just drop me a note to say hello. I always enjoy hearing from my friends and followers.

Other Sites:

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Company Information:

Site Owner: Ron Terre
Company Name: R.T.B. Enterprises, Inc.
Address: Street 5, House 1, Paskalevets, Bulgaria 5224
Phone: +359 884177230
eMail: admin@themobilphonefactory.com

All The Best!

Ron Terre

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